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Getting Started with Your Proxies

So you have received your welcome email notifications and your proxies are online, where to go next?
Here are the steps you may want, not necessarily need, to go trough:


  1. Proxy Location Selection - in your welcome email you have received a default proxy assignment with proxies randomly selected from our available locations, if you need your proxies hosted in specific locations you will need to select the locations you need for your proxies.
  2. Proxy Mode Setup - by default your proxies are configured to run as HTTPS, if you need them to run as SOCKS you will need to setup the mode you want your proxies to run in.
  3. Proxy Authentication Setup - your proxies will need to authenticate requests coming from you and they can do that by either requesting you provide a username/password or that you set the IP your requests will originate from as an authorized IP.
  4. Using your proxy - the final step is using your proxy where you need it.

To perform steps 1 to 3 you need to login to our member area Member Area using the username and password you have received in your welcome email.

1. Proxy Location Selection

The Proxy Location Selection procedure will replace your currently assigned proxy IPs with IPs hosted in the locations you select.
Please note that this procedure can be carried out once per payment term which is either Weekly or Monthly depending on your subscription type.

  • Please login to Member Area , locate the subscription you want to change and click on the "Preferred Locations" icon .
  • For any of your subscriptions that are eligible for location change you will be presented with a check list of all available locations. For all other subscriptions you will be presented with the current location selection you have on them
  • Tick on the checkbox of the locations you need your proxies hosted in
  • Click "get new ip's" and proxies hosted in the locations you have selected will be delivered within minutes by email and will also be available in "Your Proxies" page.

Our system will try to maximize the locations and IP ranges you get your proxies hosted in.
For example let us assume that you have a 3 proxy subscription:

  • if you select 3 locations you will receive a proxy in each of your selected locations
  • if you select more than 3 locations our system will assign proxies in 3 random locations from the ones you have selected
  • if you select less than 3 locations, our system will try to assign your 3 proxies in 3 different ranges hosted in the locations you have selected

As soon as the Proxy Location Selection Procedure is performed the location selection will be deactivated until the next payment term.

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2. Proxy Mode Setup

There are a few things to consider before setting your proxy mode, our proxies can run in either HTTP or SOCKS mode. In HTTP mode the proxies will be HTTP or HTTPS compatible while in SOCKS mode they will be SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4a and SOCKS5 compatible.

For use in browser we recommend keeping your proxies in HTTP mode as browsers will not authenticate correctly with them running in SOCKS mode

  • Please login to Member Area if you have not already done so and click the "Setup" icon of the subscription you need changed.
  • You will be presented with a box displaying currently active Proxy Mode. To change it click on the button below "change protocol to ...", the change is instantly propagated to your proxies

As soon as the proxy Protocol is changed your proxies will issue errors when accessed as HTTP when they are set to run as SOCKS and vice versa.

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3. Proxy Authentication Setup

By default your proxies will require username/password authentication and will accept your member username/password

Username / password authentication

If username/password authentication suits your needs but you do not want to use your member username/password to authenticate to your proxy for obvious security reasons, you can set on per subscription basis a different username/password that the proxies assigned to that subscription will recognize and accept.

To set up a proxy username/password :

  • Please login to Member Area if you have not already done so and click the "Setup" icon of the subscription you need changed.
  • You will be presented with a proxy authentication form, you will need to enter a username and a password and click "save". These additional credentials are instantly propagated to the proxies assigned to the particular subscription you have set the username and password to.

Please make sure you do not set the same username for your proxies as your member username, this will make your proxies to refuse your member area username/password if you do.

IP Authentication

If for some reason username/password authentication does not suit your needs (this usually happens when proxies are used with a bot software that does not allow setting the username/password in or a browser that does not remember the proxy authentication on per session basis) you can use IP authentication

IP authentication tells your proxies that you want all requests originating from a specific IP (usually your real one) to be accepted.

The authorized IPs list is instantly propagated to your proxies.

To set up IP authentication :

  • Please login to Member Area if you have not already done so and click the "Authorized IPs" icon of the subscription you want your authorized IP set on.
  • You will be presented with a list of Authorized IPs, please remember that authorized IPs are valid for the proxies of the subscription you are setting up.
  • To authorize the IP you are accessing the member area from, click "detect IPv4" or "detect IPv6" (depending on your use case and proxy type) then click "save".
  • To authorize an IP other than the one you are accessing the member area from, click "enter IP" enter the IP of the remote computer in the "Authorized IP" box, optionally enter a description in the box next to it and click "save".
  • To clear any unsaved changes you can use the "clear" button.

You will need to authorize your IP every time it changes, If the IP you are authorizing is dynamic meaning that it changes every time you are starting your computer up you might be better of using username/password authentication.

IP Robot

The IP Robot can help you by continuously updating one of your Authorized IP's when your computer's real IP is changing very often. To use the IP robot you will need to:

  • Login to Member Area if you have not already done so and click the "IP Robot" icon of the subscription you want the IP Robot enabled on.
  • If you don't have any Authorized IP in the list then you need to add one from the Authorized IPs page - click on the button to get there.
  • To turn on the IP Robot for an Authorized IP click on the "update" button next to the Authorized IP you want the robot enabled on.
  • The IP Robot will check your IP every minute and will update the selected entry in your Authorized IP's list with your current IP for as long as you keep the IP robot enabled and the webpage opened in your browser.

Use of IP Robot is recommended only if your IP is changing often otherwise there is no point in using it as you will have to keep your browser opened for the IP Robot to work. Remember you have to keep the browser opened for the IP Robot to work as it a browser based application.

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4. Using your proxy

Proxies can be used in many ways but we will try to provide set up instructions for the most common scenarios.

For using your proxies in browser, please click on the appropriate link below:

For using your proxies on devices, please click on the appropriate link below:

For scripting purposes you might be interested in Using Proxies in PHP

For other proxy setup tutorials please check our video tutorial section

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