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Want to buy an IP for your personal use?

Most likely you shouldn't. And here's why

  • Unique IPs for every thing

    Every device, in any shape or form, connected to the Internet needs a unique number, known as an IP address. Think of how many devices are now online at any given moment
  • IP Addresses are a limited resource

    There can only be a maximum of 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses which can be allocated. A sum of these addresses can only be used for special purposes.
  • IP v4 Address Exhaustion

    Officially, the IP v4 address space has been exhausted from 2011, when the last blocks of addresses were alloted.
  • IP Adresses are not cheap to own

    They may be cheap to get but it's not economically feasable to "own" an IP. In order to use it you would need the undelying infrastructure to use it (See this)
  • Geo-fencing

    IP Adresses are allocated on a geographical basis, and it is easy to find the corresponding location of an IP Address. Which means you're stuck in that particular location
  • IP Address Use Cases

    Buying an IP does not guarantee that you can use that particular address for your particular needs. Having an alternative IP address does not mean you are anonymous.

Still determined to get a Static IP Address to browse the Internet?

The Solution: Private Proxies

buy ip

Simplest way to get yourself a different IP Address from that assigned to you by your ISP is to use a proxy. Not a free service, but a private proxy subscription. They are easy to setup and are the best solution to navigate anonymously or to access services otherwise blocked in your location

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We provide subscriptions for every needs, from single proxy packages to 48 proxies per package. Also, we can offer custom subscriptions

Buy proxies
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