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Pay Proxy - The Best Proxy Service Available

Reliable Proxies

Pay proxy/Paid Proxy or pay proxies are just alternate names for dedicated private proxies. While there are quite a few free proxy/open proxy services out there and they may do their job for occasional use, they lack the reliablility and speed that you need for everyday use. That is most likely the reason of you getting here.

Proxy Subscription

Our pay proxy or pay proxies are neither free, nor open. We do offer instead subscription based proxy server services as access to our proxies requires authentication (either username / password or IP authentication). Also, our packages range from the basic 1 proxy/subscription to the complex 48 proxies/subscription.

Private Proxy - Dedicated IP

But there is more, our pay proxies are private and dedicated proxies. Our proxies are private proxies because only one user can access the proxy for as long as it is assigned to him or her and dedicated proxies because each proxy has its own dedicated IP that can not be used by another proxy or user.

Worldwide Proxy Locations

Our customers can choose from over 50 locations for our pay proxies and we do give our customer the choice to select the locations they need for their pay proxies from within member area once per payment term. Please make sure you check the feature list and pricing below.

Pay Proxy Subscriptions

All of our proxies are subscription based
All of our proxies are subscription based

Pay Proxy Features

  • Static IP
  • Private Dedicated IP
  • Guaranteed IP change once per payment term
  • HTTP(S) or SOCKS compatible
  • High anonymity proxy software
  • High speed network connections
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • State of the art servers
  • No software required
  • No censorship
  • No content filtering
  • FTP support
  • Guaranteed Access
  • No Ads
  • Unrestricted location selection
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Fixed Pricing

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