Proxy Issues

Download prompt while using SOCKS in Firefox

When setting up your SOCKS proxy (either socks 4 or socks 5) in firefox you may get a download prompt when trying to connect trough the proxy, this happens when your browser tries to connect to the SOCKS proxy using the HTTP protocol.

How to fix: You need to make sure that you uncheck the "use for all protocols" option in your firefox proxy settings and clear the proxy settings for all protocols except the socks one that needs to contain your proxy IP and port

How to set authentication for proxies?

We have recently implemented subscription authentication for our proxies that means that you can set a different username/password for each of your subscription and each of the proxies of a subscription will accept both your member username/password and the subscription username/password

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Why are some of my proxies listed in other location than shown on the website?

We are using corporate IPs and while our proxies are ALWAYS physically hosted where our website says they are they may appear as registered to another location in the IP geolocation database.

Please check or for more information.

We have no control on the geolocation database information.

I have no proxies in my account why is that?

If you log into our member area called "Control Panel" and no proxies are listed under your subscription details then you either have a new subscription that was not yet authorized by our system (all new users are subject to a 24 hours approval delay that will NOT AFFECT your subscription period) or your subscription expired and your proxies went offline.

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