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Affordable Paid Proxy Server Service

 Why would you buy a paid proxy when there are tons of free proxies?

The TOP 3 reasons you should use our paid proxy servers

99.98% Proxy Uptime

We run our private proxies on high availability dedicated servers hosted at the best providers available in each location. This is why the monthly average uptime of our proxy service is more than 99.98%. Free proxies will not deliver that uptime for more than a few hours.

High Speed Proxies

We host our proxy servers at the best providers available in each particular location ensuring the best connection available. While not all of them are on Gigabit connections they are the best proxies you can get in that particular area. The speed of the free services is directly related on how many people use them, who gets to them first and has the highest bandwidth.

Paid Proxy with Static IP

All of our proxies have static dedicated IPs meaning that each paid proxy uses a unique static IP and a proxy can be used by only one user for as long as the user has the private proxy assigned. Free proxies can be used by anyone ... literally ANYONE at the same time you are using them.

To read more on our private proxy subscriptions please make sure you check our Paid Proxy Servers Locations and Uptime page, our Paid Proxy Features page and our Proxy Shop. If you are ready to order please use the buttons below.

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