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Exclusive IPs

Exclusive IP's are a key feature of our proxies and VPN accounts. If you are on the market for a proxy or VPN account chances are that you are familiar with IPs if you are not you might want to look into what an IP is first.

All of our proxies and VPN accounts run on dedicated exclusive IPs meaning that a proxy or a VPN account will have its own IP that can not be used by any other proxy and each proxy or VPN account can be assigned to only one user at a time. Our system can not handle shared IP (shared proxies) that is one of the reasons why we are unable to provide shared proxies.

Getting a proxy or a VPN account with us is pretty much like renting your own private IP for as long as you need (that is you keep the subscription active).

When a proxy or a VPN account is released we do assign that particular IP to another customer after a "cool down" period.

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