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Blog - News about our private proxy services

Protect Your Business From Cyber-attacks

Cyber attacks and businesses

Given the current state of global and geopolitical affairs, a significant increase in cyber-attacks from various sources is anticipated. Here are the 5 essential steps to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

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Public Wi-Fi: a Cybersecurity Time Bomb

Cybersecyrity and network

We quite often underestimate the potential threats of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. In this post, we'll explore the hidden dangers of these networks and give you essential tips to protect yourself and your information.

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Why Businesses Need Proxy Servers

In today's digital landscape, businesses face increasing challenges in ensuring online security, protecting sensitive data, and optimizing their online activities. This is where proxy servers come in.

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Ever needed Taiwan Proxies?

Ever needed a Taiwan Proxy? For example, for your business, to monitor your advertising effort or to scrape sets of data, to get prices or product information. Or, are you a person interested in accessing otherwise geo-blocked Taiwanese sites, apps or content in Taiwan?

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IPv6 Proxies and IPv4 to IPv6 Converter Proxies Available in Select Worldwide locations

It’s been 10 great years since we began operating as a provider of premium private proxy services. Since we started, we continually pushed ourselves to offer the best proxy services to our customers, to put in place one of the most reliable private proxy network, with over 60 proxy geo-locations available on four continents. We have overcome technical challenges, fluctuating market conditions and strive to fulfill permanently changing customer needs.

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Private Proxies in North Carolina available again!

We kept busy for the last couple of weeks. Due to popular demand for private proxies in North Carolina, we are able to announce that our users are able again to setup their proxy subscription to use proxies in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC.

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Infrastructure incident Feb 14 2019

We are experiencing a significant networking incident that is impacting several of our locations.
Our providers and our support team are working hard to close the incident.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and we will do our best to accommodate IP changes where available.

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New Private Proxies in Czech Republic - Proxies in Prague

Still a hot summer for us! After Barcelona-Spain, Vilnius-Lithuania and Sofia-Bulgaria, another important city of Europe gets to be present on our proxy network - Prague. So, from now on you can use for your project private proxies in the Czech Republic. Needles to say, our proxies are fully private, have unique exclusive IPs and they are unmetered. Check out our statistics and response times for our Czech proxies.

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New Private Proxies in Bulgaria - Sofia Is on Our Proxy Network

From East to West, from North to South! Form the Baltics, to the sunny Balkans: Sofia, Bulgaria is our newest addition to our proxy location list. Our Bulgarian proxies offer you the same features you're accustomed to from other locations: "true" private proxies with exclusive, unique static IP address, fast connection, unemetered bandwidth and reliable servers. Check out our proxy locations' stats. We're proud of them!

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Private proxies in Stockholm Sweden

We have just deployed several hundred private proxies in Stockholm Sweden!

As with all of our services each new proxy has it own private static IP, feature GB connections and unlimited bandwidth.

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How To Setup Your Proxy or VPN Connection In Windows 10

Middle of summer brought us the release to the wide public of Windows 10, the newest iteration of Microsoft's operating system. While for many it is not a big leap from the the previous version, from our point of view it is still better than Windows 8.1 (and miles away from Windows 8)

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Black Friday 2013

Our Black November campaign is now officially over, please make sure you check us on Facebook, Twitter or signup to our newsletter to be the among the first to find out about our new campaigns!

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Brand new proxies in Miami Florida

We are proud to announce that as of today we have opened a new proxy location in Miami Florida and we will be opening a new proxy location in Asia in early September so keep an eye on our website and facebook page!

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Fresh new 2013 proxies available in Romania

As of today March 29, 2013 we have opened a new proxy location in Sighisoara, Romania. As usual existing members can already select their socks proxies or http proxies location to Romania from within member area.

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Forget about Black Friday you get 45% off throughout November

No need to wait for Black Friday, the discounts we have will beat any other Black Friday offer you may find. We are offering 45% discount on both our VPN and 1 proxy subscriptions throughout November.

  • VPN subscriptions are now 3.28 USD/month, old price 5.97 you save 2.69 USD/month
  • 1 proxy subscriptions are now 2.73 USD/month, old price 4.97 you save 2.24 USD/month
  • 6 proxies subscriptions are now 16.38 USD/month, old price 21.47 you save 5.09 USD/month
  • 12 proxies subscriptions are now 32.76 USD/month,old price 41.47 you save 8.71 USD/month

Subscribe in November so that you get to lock this offer down for as long as your subscription is active!

We have opened a second proxy location in UK - Rugby

BestProxyAndVPN.com is pleased to announce that because of the high demand we have opened a second proxy location in United Kingdom - Rugby. As of today location is available for selection from within member area and as with all of our proxies they are available as either http or socks.

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We have opened a new proxy location in UK - Rugby

BestProxyAndVPN.com is pleased to announce that we have opened a new proxy location in United Kingdom - Rugby and as of today location is available for selection from within member area and as with all of our proxies they are available as either http or socks.

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2012 May - 50% DISCOUNT on VPN

We are having a VPN DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN and we are offering a 50% on all private VPN subscriptions!

This offer is valid from May 1 2012 to May 31, 2012 and includes any VPN subscription purchased in this time frame.

VPN accounts are setup within minutes of payments

Currently Available VPN locations are Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York

2012 Spring Proxy SELL OFF!

We are having a 2012 SPRING PROXY SELL OFF and we are offering a 25% on all monthly subscriptions!

This offer is valid from April 1st 2012 to April 30th, 2012 and includes any subscription purchased in this time frame. Existing customers that want to benefit from the SELL OFF are welcome to contact our support team for IP transfer within subscriptions.

Black Friday Proxy Offers

Please make sure you check our Black Friday 2011 Proxy Offers

  • 1 Monthly Dedicated Proxy - 2.47 USD/month
  • 3 Monthly Dedicated Proxy - 6.97 USD/month
  • 24 Monthly Dedicated Proxy - 49.97 USD/month

This offer is valid by November 28 2011 only. Prices are valid for as long as the subscription is kept active!

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