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72H Guaranteed Refund

Our main goal is to have all our customers happy using our services and while we strive to deliver the best proxy and VPN services on the market we do understand that our services may not suit every particular need a particular customer might have.

That is why we will refund any of the first 3 regular subscriptions of 3 proxies or less that you setup with us "No Questions Asked" within 72 hours of purchase and not only that but we will make sure that each refund request is processed within 24 hours of request!

We make this commitment to ensure that all customers that stay with us are satisfied with the service they receive and to offer every potential customer out there a "Risk Free" way of testing our services.

Important : The refund guarantee covers exclusively the first 3 subscriptions of 3 proxies or less that a customer sets up with us and we do reserve the right to refuse future service to customers with a high refund request rate.

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