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GETTING STARTED with your VPN Account

So you have received your email notifications that your VPN account is online, where to go next?

Here is a quick setup guide:


  1. VPN Location Selection - in your welcome email you have received a default VPN account assignment hosted in a randomly selected location from our available locations, if you need your vpn account hosted in specific location you will need to select the location you need for your vpn account at this stage.
  2. VPN Setup - as soon as your VPN account is all setup in the location you need it you will want to proceed to set up the VPN connection on your computer or device.

1. VPN Location Selection

The VPN Location Selection procedure will replace your currently assigned VPN server IP and assigned IP with IPs hosted in the location you will select. Please note that this procedure can be carried out once per payment term which is either Weekly or Monthly depending on your subscription type.

  • Please login to Control Panel and click "Preferred Locations".
  • For each of your eligible subscriptions you will be presented with a check list of all available locations for all others you will be presented with the current location selection you have on them
  • Check the location you need your VPN account hosted in
  • Click "get new IPs" and a VPN account hosted in the location you have selected will be delivered within minutes by email and will also be available in "Your VPNs" page.

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2. VPN Setup

Please refer to the tutorials below for instructions on how to setup your VPN account to

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