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New Japan Private Proxies Location - More Proxies Available in Tokyo

Got Japan business? Interested in the Japanese web? Got frustrated being walled because you're not from Japan? Looking for a Japan proxy because all of the above? You're in the right place!

Due to popularity of our Japanese private proxies we are able to offer again Osaka as a location for Japan-based proxy server. Also, the number of proxies that we can offer in Tokyo has increased.

So, if you're in need of an Asian proxy or in particular, a Japan proxy, you are able now to subscribe for this option, or if you're a subscriber, to choose Osaka or Tokyo as the geo-location of your proxy ip address.

They are fully private – no one but the subscriber can use the assigned IP address, can be used as HTTP or SOCKS proxies and have unmetered connections.

Hurry up! From experience, proxies form Japan are selling out fast!

Watch a short video on how to setup your account here For help on how to use your private japanese proxies you can use our Tutorial section or our Youtube channel

Buy Japan Proxy Now!

HTTP/SOCKS Private Proxies in Japan
New HTTP/SOCKS Private Proxies in Osaka, Japan