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Indiana Private Proxies - New Location Available in Indianapolis

Welcome to Indianapolis 500!

Well, it’s not the race! It's the number of proxy IPs we are making available to use in Indianapolis, Indiana. Well, truthfully, the number is bigger!

So, if you are exploring a niche for local SEO in Indianapolis, doing some geo-fenced Indiana site monitoring or any other purpose for which you might use a HTTP or SOCKS proxy located in Indianapolis we have good news for you: Our US Proxy Network is expanding.

From today, our subscribers are able to select Indianapolis as the location of their private proxies. They are fully private – no one but the subscriber can use the assigned IP address, can be used as HTTP or SOCKS proxies and have unmetered connections.

Watch a short video on how to setup your account here For help on how to use our private proxies you can use our Tutorial section or our Youtube channel

Buy proxies in Indianapolis,IN

HTTP/SOCKS Private Proxies in Indianapolis
New HTTP/SOCKS Private Proxies in Indianapolis, Indiana