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Using proxies on playstation PS3

PS3 does not handle http proxy authentication meaning you have no means of entering a username/password to be used with your proxy, in this case you have only one option while using proxies - you need to use IP authentication.

In order to be able to use IP authentication you need to:

  1. Login to member area Control Panel
  2. Go to "Authorized IPs"
  3. click "autodetect my IP"
  4. click "save"

As soon as you complete the procedure your proxies will not request username/password on requests originating from your IP as it is now an Authorized IP.

If you have a dynamic IP meaning that your real IP changes often (more often than once a few days) then you will need to use the IP Robot from a computer connected in the same network as you PS3. Please note that you need to carry out the procedure above before using the IP Robot.

To use the IP robot you need to:

  1. Login to member area Control Panel
  2. Go to "IP Robot" page
  3. You will be presented with your current list of your authorized IPs
  4. you need to click the "update" button for one of your authorized IPs and the robot will start updating it

As long as the IP robot is enabled (the checkbox is checked) and the IP Robot page is opened in the browser it will continuously update your authorized IP to your real IP every 30 seconds.

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