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Proxies have a wide range of use cases and we have tried to make your decision easier trough the profile based selection tool below and while it is nowhere near complete it will get you started on the right track.

Worldwide Available Private Proxy Server Locations
Montreal   Toronto   Vancouver  
Guangzhou Guangdong  
Bayern   Chemnitz   Herbelhausen   Marburg  
New Delhi  
Tel Aviv  
Takatsuki Osaka  
Fischbach   Steinsel  
Alblasserdam   Amsterdam  
South Africa
United Kingdom
London   Rugby  
United States
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All of our proxy subscriptions feature a 72 Hours "No Questions Asked" refund policy! If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our service you can ask for refund via support ticket within 72 hours of purchase and we will issue a FULL REFUND!

Proxy Features
   Static IP
   Private IP
   IP Change
   High anonymity
   High speed
   Fast Servers
   No software
   No censorship
   No filtering
   FTP support
   24/7 Access
   No Ads
   99.9% uptime
   Fixed Pricing
   72h Refund

You will be able to select the location you need for your proxies upon subscription setup from within member area to any of our advertised proxy server locations
We DO NOT ALLOW SPAM on our private proxies. Email ports 25, 465 and 587 ARE BLOCKED by default so please make sure you ask before you buy.
Our service is one of the most reliable proxy service on the market. You can check our publicly available uptime and ping times on our server status page.
Each of the proxies has a Unique IP assigned (Dedicated IP) and is uniquely assigned to only one user at a time (Private Proxy).

Available cheap proxy packages

All of our proxies are subscription based

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Proxies have a multitude of use cases. From general web browsing and file downloads to more specialized uses, quasi every modern application that is used on the internet has support for proxies.

Our private proxies can be used in either HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS 4/5 modes and we are taking every diligence to provide the highest connection speed possible in every proxy server location.

If used properly, a dedicated proxy provides an extra layer of anonymity for your online presence.


By now, you all know that a plethora of video web services are geographically restricted to certain markets. Usually, by connecting to that service through a private proxy or a VPN from that respective geographical region this geo-blocking method can be bypassed and thus you can, for example, catch-on with your favorite TV show or series.

And remember, all the proxies and VPN we offer have dedicated IP’s, which means you are the only one that uses them.

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USD / mo.

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Being abroad for business or leisure has sometimes the downside of not being able to access the sites or services you regularly use. The best method of connecting to your websites is through a VPN ensuring this way that your connection is protected from prying eyes.

Of course a private proxy with a fixed IP from your home country will also bypass any geographical restriction imposed by sites and also if configured properly can provide a secured connection.

We would recommend using a VPN account when traveling rather than a proxy, VPN encrypts traffic and will protect your traffic from being intercepted by a third party.

1 Elite Proxy


USD / mo.

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1 Static VPN


USD / mo.

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Gaming is fun, but again there are all kind of limitations throughout the games played online, from the number of characters you can play to the mean geographical restrictions at accessing game servers.

With the help of our private dedicated gaming proxies all these limitations can be avoided. If your game or application/bot supports connections through proxy it is supported by us. You might need a multiple proxy subscription if you intend to play multiple characters at the same time. Check them out.

All our proxies feature static IPs so you do not need to worry about your account being flagged for IP change.

Please note that we might not be able to provide setup instructions for each bot out there, we do provide browser setup instructions in our tutorials section.


If you need proxies for your business you will be happy to know that we can accommodate proxy packages of any size in our currently available locations and we can tailor them to suit your particular needs.

You can get one of our regular subscription to test our services and ask for refund within 72 hours of purchase via support ticket request and then ask for a custom proxy package that would suit your needs.

All our proxies are private with both IP and username/password authentication, feature static exclusive IPs and have a monthly average uptime of 99.98%.

Available Proxy Cities


Every Search Engine Optimization application out there uses proxies in some way or another. Free proxies are quasi-imposible to come by so in every tutorial you may read on this matter you’ll see that is recommended to use private proxies for SEO. Having good results with ScrapeBox, GSA Search Engine Ranker or SENuke depends largely on using good proxies for their automation.

But our proxies’ use-cases are not restricted to only scraping or blasting SEO campaigns. They can be used for local SERP monitoring, ad-monitoring, website testing, or any particular web related activity that is influenced by geographical location.

Please use our regular subscriptions to test our services, ask for a refund via the ticketing system within 72 hours from purchase and if you need a custom proxy package, contact us and we’ll be happy to satisfy you needs. Also please contact us if you have any other questions regarding proxies for SEO use.

We offer exclusive proxies with both IP and username/password authentication, static IPs and a monthly average uptime of 99.98%. We are a registered company so we can issue invoices if you need them.

Available Proxy Cities

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