Using username/password proxy authentication on Windows 7 and VISTA

As of May 9th 2011 this procedure is no longer required, if you are still being asked for username/password over and over again make sure you are using the correct username and password case sensitive and contact support

Our proxies use NTLM v2 authentication to authenticate username/password requests so if for some reason IP authentication is not feasible for you and you need to use username/password authentication on either Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will have to enable NTLM v2 on this Windows flavors.

Windows XP works by default with NTML v2 so no settings are required.

Windows 7 Started and Windows 7 Home

1. Go to Run, Type Regedit and open this key:
2. If it doesn’t exist, create a DWORD value named
3. Set the value to 1
4. Reboot

Windows VISTA, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate

1. Go to Administrative Tools >> Local Security Policy >> Local Policies >> Security Option
Change "Network security: LAN Manager authentication level" to "LM & NTLM - Use NTLMv2 session if negotiated"

This will allow you to also connect on other devices on your network runing Windows XP, Samba servers or Older Windows computers.

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